Coconut kefir is considered a superfood, which is very underrated and even unknown to the majority. The only people who know about it, are those who devote their lifestyle to living either organic, vegan, vegetarian, or perhaps just a very strict, nutritious and balanced lifestyle.

It’s safe to say that no one consumes coconut kefir unless they’ve done some research on it. It cannot be found in many stores and are mostly available at health retail stores, that is fit for the health-obsessive foodie.

If you have no idea what coconut kefir is, or the properties that it contains, then this is a great information piece for you.  It has been known to boost your immunity and even heal the gut, which over time, gets affected by a range of factors, and even disrupted by bad digestion, as well as a low metabolic rate.


What is Coconut Kefir?

Often just referred to as ‘kefir’, coconut kefir is a uniquely cultured dairy product that serves as a probiotic-rich food and benefits the body by healing the gut.

It is especially used and helpful to those who have a leaky gut and are struggling to maintain proper digestion. When it comes to digestion, there’s nothing worse than having it disrupted, and due to kefir translating to the Turkish word “keif”, we now understand what exactly it was made for, which is to provide a good feeling, as per its meaning.

Being derived from Turkey, it’s been used as medicine by both Asians and Europeans for centuries and is proven to cure a variety of conditions.

Coconut kefir is great for your natural health and can be consumed as a drink on its own. It is considered a fermented drink, which is also suitable for those who are lactose intolerant. It consists of starter grains, which is a combination of good bacteria and yeast, which interacts with milk derived from any source, including cows, goats, sheep, coconut milk, rice milk or soy milk.

The Many Benefits of Coconut Kefir

  • Bone strength – Since bone conditions, such as osteoporosis and decreased bone density occurs more today than ever before, people need to start taking better care of their bones.

Coconut Kefir does just that and serves as an excellent source of calcium for your body overall. It also contains bioactive compounds that absorb calcium in the body, as well as promotes bone degeneration. Along with Vitamin K, this powerful probiotic, also containing phosphorus, magnesium and vitamin D will also keep you healthy from the inside out.

  • Supports Digestion – Due to it being a probiotic, it keeps the bacteria in your gut healthy and can be consumed as either milk or yoghurt, which restores the metabolic balance in your body, as well as fight against gastrointestinal diseases, which one of the most common being irritable bowel syndrome. It also helps prevent and heal ulcers. As if it couldn’t do more for your body, it restores flora in the body, which fights off pathogens and illness.
  • Heals Your Skin – Want glowing skin? Coconut kefir will help with your skin issues too and can even aid in healing burns and rashes. In recovering your gut, you’ll be able to maintain clear skin and say goodbye to acne, eczema and rashes for good.
  • A Proper Boost for Your Immunity – Containing some of the best nutrients, biotin and folate, kefir also aids the immune system by protecting your cells. It’s all due to containing a lot of probiotics, which also defends your body against harmful bacteria that is often found in food.