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A corkjoint is an important piece of kit when you want an effective concrete waterstop – but how do you find a reliable and affordable supplier? There is a lot of different choice in this industry, and you want to make sure that you form a long-term and beneficial partnership with the supplier that you go with.

You can’t afford to settle for a lousy provider when it comes to an important product like a corkjoint. If you don’t do your research and end up with a poor provider, you could end up using parts that don’t do the trick and end up compromising your concrete structure, whatever that may be.

The following will take a look at some tips for finding a reliable supplier for corkjoints.

1.     Look at their history and experience

When you are researching a supplier of corkjoint to buy from, it’s essential that you examine their expertise and the history of their company. With age comes wisdom, and when you engage an experienced firm, you are less likely to deal with certain issues that an inexperienced firm might put you through.

You want to work with a supplier who genuinely shows passion for what they do and is proud of the expertise that they offer their customers. You don’t want to engage a company that seems average and uninspired – you want to engage a company that actually cares about what they do and will provide you with high-quality corkjoints.

2.     Product quality

As mentioned, you want to get a supplier that is able to deliver you with high-quality corkjoints that meet your expectations and are of the required standard for the job. This is the kind of product that, if it fails, will cause a ripple effect and damage other, more expensive pieces of kit.

Without quality corkjoints being used, the concrete structure can be compromised by water, and this can have devastating results. In order to avoid a fate like this, you need to make sure that you invest in a company that you can be sure is supplying you with the finest quality product.

If you compromise on product quality to save money, then you will be putting the project at risk and potentially endanger lives down the road. Do yourself and everyone else a favor by making sure that you research the quality of all the component parts you use, including water stops like corkjoints.

3.     See what others have been saying about them

Naturally, it’s a good idea to get a second or even a third and fourth opinion about the quality of the corkjoints supplier you are thinking about placing an order with. See what the online reviews are, read any testimonials you can find, and ask anyone you know in the industry what they think about the company.

By doing this research, you might find some hidden flaw that makes them impossible to work with. On the other hand, you might find even more evidence of how great they are as a supplier of corkjoints and be reaffirmed in your decision to place an order with them and get underway.

As you can see, there’s a lot you need to think about when it comes to corkjoints and the people you buy them from. While it may seem like a small part of the puzzle when you are working on a concrete project, there is no denying the massive impact the corkjoints can have if they are not used properly or if they are lacking in quality. Hopefully, the information above helps you to identify a reliable supplier.