Sofa with cheap cushions

One of the best ways to update the look of your living room or bedroom is by adding a few cheap cushions to your space. You’ll no doubt be amazed to discover what a different these inexpensive décor items can make to your home – they offer real bang for your buck! Cheap cushions can add a pop of colour and texture to your space and are capable of beautifully tying together a room or refreshing a space. Cheap cushions can make a tired, old couch look fresh and new, or a boring bed look fun and exciting.

But how do you bag a bargain and how do you find options that look good? Before you go shopping, check out our handy guide below.

Consider colour

When looking to buy some new cheap cushions, you should think about the colour schemes that work best with your home. Colour can have a powerful impact on the look and feel of a home. You may choose complementary and coordinating colours that will work with your existing furniture. Perhaps you might go for some soothing neutrals or some bright pops of colour. You may want to look at adding pattern or fun texture to your home as well. Cheap cushions can be a great way to add some visual variation to your home and can work very well with your rugs, artwork and curtains.

Think about how many you should get

The number of cheap cushions that you buy will depend on the area that you’re trying to furnish and your own personal preferences. Do you have a large couch? You may want to buy extra. If you’ve only got a small couch then less may be more. It also depends on the look that you’re going for – do you want it to feel cozy? Are you going for a really neat, symmetrical look or do you prefer a more relaxed style? If you want a modern, eclectic look then opt for different styles and odd numbers. Generally, for a three-seater couch, you’ll want five cheap cushions.

Size and shape

Cheap cushions in the living area

Before you buy you should think about the size and shape you need. You can work this out by thinking about the size of the furniture around them. If you’re planning to put them on a large couch for instance you may want to opt for larger ones as small, delicate styles can look a bit lost. Mixing up sizes and shapes can help to create a bit of interest and works great on a bed.

Fabric choice

The type of fabric that you use is very important and can convey a lot about the room. Think about what you want to communicate, velvet and wool for instance have very different feels.

Where to shop?

So where should you shop for them? There are many different décor stores out there and a lot of online retailers that offer great bargains when it comes to purchasing stylish soft décor. Before you head out shopping think about what you want to buy and make a list of the colour palette you’re looking for and the ideal size and shape of the items you want to buy. Making a list will help you to narrow down your requirements and will make it easier to find great items and good deals and discounts. If you are going shopping in retail stores then it’s a good idea to take a swatch of your paint or even your curtain fabrics as this will help you to more easily match shades or find complementary colours. A photo of your existing décor and the room you’re looking to furnish can also help.