Running a business is extremely difficult, it’s no secret that the hours are long and the stress levels are high. However, for those that choose to embark on the journey of being a business owner, it can also be incredibly rewarding. But, with only so many hours in the day, it is important to find ways to make the day to day functions easier; one way of doing this is by using software. There are so many applications on the market, and it is possible to purchase one for virtually any of your business needs. So how do you know which one is the best choice? Two of the leading business management systems that it is possible to compare are Anaplan vs Adaptive Planning. These programs offer similar functions, but each have their own answers to common business problems. To help you out, here is a brief comparison of Anaplan vs Adaptive Planning. So, if you are unsure about which system is best for your needs, keep reading.


What is Anaplan?

Named after the company that created the platform, the name combines the words ‘analysis’ and ‘planning’. This is not a coincidence, as the web-based application is designed for business planning. This system has the ability to deal with all aspects of planning for business, including human resources, finance data, and sales. Furthermore, the program is known for its innovative inbuilt memory data base and calculation engine. Due to the system being web-based, it works off of a cloud system, meaning all the information is uploaded to the cloud, and can therefore be accessed anywhere. This makes it easy for business owners to log in to their account and keep track of their data, as well as using the information to make business decisions.


What is Adaptive Planning?

This is based corporate management software (or CPM) that was founded in California in 2003. The application helps with business functions such as budget planning, forecasting, business intelligence and data visualization products. In order to make the system as user friendly as possible, it is designed to resemble other programs like Excel. Similarly, to other business management software’s that are currently on the market, it is a cloud based system which gives business owners the opportunity to log-in and track their business from wherever they are. This system is used worldwide by over 2,700 businesses ranging from small to medium size.


Anaplan vs Adaptive Planning: How Are They Similar?

Both Anaplan vs Adaptive Planning are business management systems that are designed to help deal with many of the daily functions of running a business. In order to find out the price of these applications, you will need to contact the suppliers for a quote. Another thing these applications have in common is that they are web-based. Furthermore, these applications are also cloud based and therefore are easily accessible from wherever you are, providing you have internet connection.



Anaplan vs Adaptive Planning: How Do They Differ?

Despite these programs being in the same market sector, they do have different ways of providing this service. One of the main selling points of Adaptive Planning is that it is simple to set up, essentially you can install the program and it is ready to use. Furthermore, it is also very easy to use, this is mainly due to the fact that it is similar to many other spreadsheet applications. This means that staff will not have to have extensive training to learn how to use it. Anaplan, however, requires more setting up to get it functioning. Although this will require more time and effort, it is also more customizable to your specific business. It is suggested that the former is more suited to financial and operational metrics reporting, whereas the latter is better as a flexible and scalable application.