rose gold bag

The rose gold bag is a fashion statement that is certainly coming back to the forefront in recent years. One only has to take a walk down any trendy street in the country and there’ll be a telltale shimmer of a rose gold bag in a shop window or bouncing against a socialite. While some believe that this newfound shade is new and groundbreaking, students of history will no doubt realise that the particular hue has been a symbol of delight and fancifulness for quite some time.

As the trends continually change and move back and forth through history, there is more reason than ever to get ahead of the curve and set the trends for yourself. The rose gold bag is coming back in a big way, and there’s a lot more history and symbolism to it than previously thought.

For the next seasonal change, consider carrying a little piece of history, consider a high-quality rose gold bag.


For the color enthusiasts, the symbolism that goes with a rose gold bag goes far beyond history itself. The color is representative of affluence, luxury, and romance. The off shade coloring allures the eye almost immediately and it’s no happy accident that the references are with affluence and luxury. The softness in the shading has heavy ties to romanticism and love.

While a rose gold bag by any other name would be as sweet, the name and symbolic undertones elevate the shade to a mythically beautiful status.

Russian Beginnings

The story of the unique and beautiful shade begins in Russia in the 19th century. The grandfather of luxurious shimmer, Mr. Carl Faberge, was the first to use the odd mixture of copper and yellow in his infamous line of Faberge Eggs.

While not used immediately in rose gold bags, the new shade caused a stir throughout Russia as it began turning heads in the high society circles of the country. It wasn’t until a few decades later that the new coloured alloy would be breaking hearts and making a name for itself, being reinvented in rings, dresses and even the rose gold bag.

The Roaring 20’s

Woman holding a rose gold bag

It took a while for the look to gain any ground around the world, once it did though, there was no chance of stopping it. The style was perpetuated in the west by the always dependable Cartier who was a famous jeweler and major proponent of class and style for the 1920s and beyond.

Cartier was looking to change up the shadings and colors at the start of the decade, bringing the now infamous Trinity Ring to the forefront. The band contained three distinct shades and was an immediate success, prompting a stylized revolution where the rosy hue was an essential aspect to any look. 

Bringing Back The Rose Gold Bag

More than 60 years later, the rose gold bag has become the new symbol of prosperity and love. The shade being used in fashion shows and jewelers around the world. The look went slightly dormant for a few decades after WWII, only now is it making its ceremonious return to our hearts.

The hipster and affluent areas of the world are coated with a sense of style and classic sophistication. Walking down the many paved streets of high society and you’ll see the shimmering shade for yourself. There are boutique outlets around the world now focused on bringing the legend of the little rose gold bag back. With everything old becoming new once again, there’s no telling what else may be brought back from the classic era of chic.