Sydney family law solicitor helping a couple finalize their divorce

What Is Encompassed Within Sydney Family Law

Sydney family law is a broad term that covers many aspects. Sydney family law can be broken down into three different topics: divorce, mediation and court cases. Divorce is when two people decide to separate after being married for some time. Mediators are professionals who help couples work out their disputes in Sydney without going […]

Couple consulting the best family lawyer in Sydney

How Do You Find The Best Family Lawyers In Sydney?

Choosing the best family lawyers in Sydney, during any matters that require legal assistance is very important. These professionals allow you to reach the best outcome while also informing you with the process every step along the way. Having that right person in your corner will make the whole process a lot easier, faster and […]

Last Will and Testament documents

Do You Need An Executor Of A Will In NSW?

The job of an executor of a will in NSW is to manage the estate of a deceased person after their death. This means carrying out their wishes and making sure that assets are divided up appropriately. It also means paying off any debts and resolving any financial obligations. Additionally, they are involved in carrying […]


What Is Child Custody Mediation?

If you’re going through a divorce then you might be about to undergo child custody mediation. Separation and divorce can be a very difficult time and emotions often run high. With the future left uncertain, many clients find themselves asking about the process they are about the be involved in and how the decision-making process […]