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Helicopter training is both a challenging and fulfilling undertaking. The whole experience will depend on where you get the training. When considering enrolling for helicopter training, the most important decision you’ll make is choosing a training school with the highest level of certification. There are many average flight training schools popping up everywhere these days. Joining a flight school that is not accredited by the FAA will not only be a waste of money but it will also jeopardize your chances of getting a job after completion. That’s why it’s important to do thorough research when choosing a helicopter training Sydney school.

Here are some of the things to consider when choosing a helicopter training Sydney school:


A flight training school’s track record should tell you if they are reliable or not. You can perform an online search and check their reviews from their past trainees to get an idea of what they are saying about the training school. You can also ask the helicopter training Sydney school to provide you with references of their previous learners and find out what their experience was like. A reputable training school should not have a problem giving you contacts of their previous leaners. Another convenient way to find a good flight training school is to ask around. If you know any pilot or industry professional, you can ask them to recommend the most reliable training school. People who have been in the industry for some time can be a great resource to inform you on which is the best helicopter training in Sydney.   

Generally, the reputation of a flight training school boils down to the qualification of their flight instructors, aircraft maintenance, insurance, and quality facilities.

Check out the helicopters they operate

You don’t want to get your helicopter training in flight school with poorly maintained helicopters. A reputable flight school should have well-maintained helicopters to ensure you feel at ease during the training. Be sure to find out how they handle their maintenance program to gauge if it’s safe to train with them. If they are not willing to show you things like inspection records, aircraft logbooks, and proof of insurance, that is a huge red flag.


The weather conditions of the place a helicopter training Sydney school is located is an important consideration. A flight school located in a place that experiences unfavorable weather conditions most of the year is more likely to reschedule training sessions from time to time. You don’t want to join such a school because the bad weather may extend the length of your training. Besides, flying in a location that experiences bad weather can be a safety risk, especially for a learner.

Flight instructors

Man taking a helicopter training in Sydney

You want to get helicopter training in a flight school with the best instructors. Be sure to find out the credentials of their flight instructors. Where were they trained? How many hours have they flown or taught? Are they good communicators? These questions will help you gauge their competence. Most people tend to look at flight instructors’ flight hours alone and this is where they go wrong. Competent flight instructors should possess good communication skills and have a great personality to make your training experience smooth.

Be wary of helicopter training Sydney schools that promise to connect you to a pool of jobs once you complete the required number of hours. Such training schools are not dependable and they tend to trick people into enrolling in their training programs. Some can even promise to hire you after completion of your training but the truth is, these are tactics they use to win your trust.