Flat weave wool rugs

There are really so many different rugs available out there, that it can actually pretty overwhelming if you are trying to find the right rug for your home. You could be shopping in store or online. Shopping online means there are so many more options, and you aren’t restricted by geographic location.

There are so many different types of rugs, and it is important for you to find the right one to match your space. If you have ever purchased a rug before, you would know just how much that rug can make or break the space you are putting it in. So, it is important that you take the time to know all the different types of rugs to ensure you find the right one for your space.

Have a read on below at some of the different types of rugs you should be considering for your home:

Flat Weave Wool Rugs

Flat weave wool rugs are becoming very popular again these days. There is a wide price range when it comes to this type of rug. If you are looking for something handwoven with true wool, then it is going to be more expensive, because there is a lot more work that goes into them, but you know the quality is second to none.

There are also machine-loomed rugs using not as good quality wool, so if you are looking for something a little bit cheaper but still want a wool rug, then this is probably the best way to go. Wool rugs are strong and can stand the test of time, they can also be placed in high traffic areas as well.

Cotton Rugs

If you are looking for a cost-effective option, then cotton is probably the way to go. You can get traditional rugs made from this material, and while they may look really expensive, they actually don’t break the bank! If you are the kind of person who likes to update your style in your home all the time, which includes purchasing new rugs regularly, then it is a good idea to stick to cotton rugs.

Due to the fact that cotton rugs don’t tend to break the bank, you don’t have to worry about the price when it comes to updating your space. Although, with cotton rugs, the material tends to fade a lot quicker compared to other types of rugs, and if it is in a high traffic area it could get odorous faster as well.

Bamboo Rugs

If you are looking for something more costal, then you really cannot go past a bamboo rug. These are really different to your more traditional rugs, but they can really work in your space if you are styling your place with a costal feel. Also, like the cotton rugs, this type of rug isn’t too expensive!

People love bamboo rugs because it adds an extra level of texture to space, and it is something a bit different. Although, you need to place the rug in the right place, as bamboo rugs can be difficult to clean and they show watermarks very easily.

Silk Rug

Looking for something a bit different and have the cash to splash? Then make sure you check out silk rugs. Silk rugs, if it is 100% silk or a silk blend, is a lot more expensive than other types of rugs, but if you want something glamorous, you really can’t go past it. Silk rugs are very delicate and are very difficult to clean, so it is best to not have the rug in a high traffic area.