garbage bin

You’ve no doubt seen them around – the swarm of cheap rubbish removal trucks with cute puns printed on them driving around your neighbourhood. And you’ve probably got some questions keeping you up at night – like why isn’t there just one garbage company? Why do we need hundreds of them?

Life is too short to suffer from sleeplessness caused by the mysteries of garbage collection. We understand that you have a busy and important life to live; that’s why we’ve written this article to enlighten you on the cultivated art of garbage collection.


What makes it inexpensive?

The idea that there are expensive garbage services and there are cheap rubbish removal services is probably a bit of a myth – the competitive nature of the industry means that anyone who wants to run a garbage company needs to charge affordable rates. Given that most businesses charge around $79/m3, calling it cheap rubbish removal is really just a marketing device.


Can’t I just dump my junk on the side of the road?

Technically, yes – you’re free to do whatever you want. If you want to make your front yard look like a junk yard, go for it. Just make sure to dodge the cops and any nosey neighbours – the council will be keen to slap you with a $500-2200 fine for your efforts.

Cheap rubbish removal services by contrast are a more cost-effective way to get rid of your trash (unless you want to hire a free council service, but who wants free stuff, right?).


Why are there so many cheap rubbish removal companies?

Probably because Australians throw out a truckload of trash – around 64 million tonnes a year. That’s a lot of junk, and someone’s got to get rid of it. Most people are too lazy to go to landfill themselves and it’s easier to hire someone to do it for you. Given that it would be pretty hard for one garbage company to relocate all the waste in Australia, it makes sense that there’s an abundance of small businesses that are keen to put in a helping hand.


Is being a garbage collector a fun job?

Heaps fun. Getting to drive around listening to ACDC while fantasizing about the day off you’re finally going to get in a month’s time while the wafting scent of a town’s collective garbage billows through your nostrils – it’s hard to beat. Definitely in the list of top 10 best jobs.

It’s also one of the most dangerous, with 34 deaths per 100,000 workers in America. Plus, picking up heavy stuff all day can cause chronic pain and damage to the body; knee injuries, for instance, are common.

That being said, you do occasionally find some cool stuff in the trash. From Ancient Mayan artifacts to laptops, garbage collectors are given the perfect opportunity to score some sweet treasures.


How do I start a lifelong career in cheap rubbish removal?

If long shifts, muscle injuries and finding weird stuff in the trash sounds appealing to you, then you’ll probably enjoy being a garbage collector. Step 1 – complete year 10. Step 2 – get a truck driving licence. Step 3 – apply for a traineeship or job. Step 4 – look after your body until you’re 65. That’s pretty much it!



The world of cheap rubbish removal is a wide and curious one. From the abundance of colourful yet smelly trucks to the long list of websites claiming to offer the best bargain ever, garbage collection will continue to intrigue and inspire us for many years to come.