Something everyone has in their home in some capacity is Italian furniture; it is almost impossible to live without it. However, whist we use these items every single day, we often take them for granted and don’t think much about them. However, there is much more to the items than you may have first thought.

For anyone who loves trivia or likes to fill their head with random facts, this is for you. Keep reading to find out four interesting facts about Italian furniture in Sovereign Interiors.


Fact 1:

Italian furniture from Sovereign Interiors is one of the few items in your home that is a long term investment; oftentimes people spend considerable amounts of money on their pieces in order to get something of high quality.

Whilst it is no big secret that items such as mattresses, sofas and dining tables are items that you hope to keep for many years, most people don’t consider how long they actually keep these items.

One of the most important pieces in any home is a sofa, and people go to great lengths picking out the perfect fit for their needs and their home. But have you ever wondered how long a sofa lasts for? Interestingly, the average lifespan of a sofa is 2,958 days! What does this equate to in years? Almost 8 years!

So next time you are wondering if it is worth splurging on an expensive, but perfect sofa, remember that you will be sitting on it for 8 years!


Fact 2:

Depending on how sociable you are, you may regularly have visitors in your home. Although many pieces of Italian furniture can only be enjoyed by those who live in the house, the same can not be said for a sofa.

Generally, when you invite someone into your home you will take them into the living space and offer them a seat on your couch. As mentioned above, the average person keeps their sofa for about 8 years, but what does this equate to in the amount of people that sit on it?

Interestingly, throughout the life of a couch, it will seat roughly 782 visitors! It’s amazing to think that so many people would be sitting on the same item, but it also highlights why it is so important to buy something that is durable and comfortable!


Fact 3:

Another staple piece of Italian furniture that can be found in most households is a dining table. For many families the dining table is a space where they can sit down to eat dinner and spend some quality time together.

Despite using this item on a daily basis, most people don’t consider the actual word and where it originated. So, if you like trivia, here is an interesting fact about the word ‘table’ to share over your next family meal. Similarly, to many words, the word ‘table’ is derived from a Latin word. This Latin word was ‘tabula’ which can be translated to mean a plank or a flat piece of wood.


Fact 4:

Depending on your personal style, you may have a few pieces of antique furniture in your home. These items are old, well made and often incredibly beautiful. Antiques can add a certain sophisticated edge to your space and are often an excellent talking point whenever you have guests over.

There are a few pieces of incredibly old Italian furniture left in the world, and one of the oldest is a book case. Interestingly, the oldest book case is located and kept safe in the Bodleian library at Oxford university.