Printing service providers face many challenges throughout their business lives. With the business world constantly changing through means of digitalisation, globalisation and new communication channels it is hard for companies to optimise their services. To stay ahead of the competition you need to be constantly evolving and adapting to new trends that may arise.

To help businesses stay ahead we have put together a list of helpful tips to help your printing service stay ahead of the competition. If you follow these and try to transition them into your current business procedures you will be sure to make it in the ever-changing business environment.


Maximise your efficiency with multichannel communications

As we’ve previously mentioned, the business world is evolving and so are the expectations of consumers. Consumers are jumping on the digital trend and are looking at expanding their needs into digital mailing, promotion emails and other forms of digital personalised services. Offering more services allows you to capture a growing market while also giving you returns to keep the business alive.

But with the traditional features of printing services being set in stone how do you provide a high quality service that still gives you returns? The answer is to optimize your procedures so that you can achieve more work in less amount of time.

Examples include providing multichannel communications features that are done simultaneously. When a client wants their printing services to be offered on a different channel you shouldn’t have to restart for other channels. Designing prints on digital platforms allows you to be prepared for all channels and features that a client may want. This will speed up the creation and delivery process for all future clients.



Contact your existing clients and show them your value

Your clients that have been with you for years know that you provide a high quality service, as they have been entrusting you with their big print jobs. Showing them that your company is evolving and bale to provide the same high quality across multiple channels will only entice them more. Some companies still need traditional printing services but may be looking to adapt into new channels. Having a familiar and friendly company help you through a new phase and transition will make the process a lot easier. Showing your worth and how much you care to your existing clients will make them want to stay with your services rather than searching new avenues.

Your current services combined with your new features and improved optimization will transform the way you that you interact with your clients. The impression that you leave on your current clients will be sure to make a lasting impression to the point that they will recommend your services to other companies. Simply showing your value to your current clients can open up many more potential business opportunities.


Understand how to provide more personalised features

Digital marketing has taken the world by storm and pushed aside its predecessor of print advertising. While many industries may still thrive on printing services alone, the world has been making a shift into a more personalized industry rather than one avenue alone. Campaigns that combine all of the different communication channels into a more personalized feature are more likely to succeed. People pay more attention to things that is receptive to them compared to something that is massed produced and shipped out. This has also been backed up by a study from the Canada Post in 2016.

Attention and emotion are better retained when something is personalized to the recipient. While traditional mailing and printing services are necessary, the world is making a dramatic shift into the personalized avenue. People will be able to recognize you brand easier and thus remember you when they need to use your printing services.

But how do you integrate personalization into your business model? Personalized is a lot more that merely calling your customers by their name. Promotion mailings that are personalized may seem complex however they are easier than you think and reap a lot more rewards. As a printing service provider you are continuously meeting your consumer’s needs so you must be able to show them that you can take it to the next level for what they are after.

Understanding a client’s needs and business can go a long way when they seek help from you. Rather than accepting jobs blindly be sure to ask them what the intended purpose is and ask if you can provide your own opinion on the subject. As you are an expert in the area, your opinion will matter to your clients as they will get the opportunity to access some insider knowledge. Understand what they’re going for and promote new and innovative ways that can accomplish what they want and they’ll be coming back for more.