woman holding a big box

When you move house a big factor in what you need to get your Blacktown removals team to do will be how far you are going. Relocating to another Western Sydney suburb, for example, will be a very different experience compared with uprooting your life to go to Melbourne!

This article will discuss the different requirements for local, intercity and interstate moves, as well as what expectations you should have of your moving company. You will also have different needs based on the kind of home you are leaving and heading to – if you are going from a house to an apartment all of your possessions are unlikely to fit!


For local moves

If you are moving to another suburb in Sydney your Blacktown removals team will usually be able to make the process quite smooth. If the houses are of a similar size then you can just pack up your possessions, take the truck to the new place and unload – and the people you hire to help will often be able to help you to pack and unpack. If you are bringing a lot of stuff it’s also reasonably easy to make extra trips.

When you are moving locally you can also take the opportunity for a bit of a clear out. It’s a great chance to get rid of old whitegoods or furniture, and even to go through your clothes and decide what you want to keep. When you have decided what to bring with you, just get your Blacktown removals team to pack it into their truck!


Intercity moving

If you want to live in another city in NSW such as Newcastle or Bathurst (or Canberra, which counts given that distance is the distinctive factor here) then you will need to be a bit more selective, as your Blacktown removals team will usually only be able to make one trip.

This means that the furniture you bring will either need to be able to be deconstructed or very important to you. You will also need to carefully pack your clothing and other possessions to make the most of the space in the truck.

This makes packing boxes absolutely essential, and it is a good idea to get professional packing services from your Blacktown removals company as well. As a quick side tip, writing the contents of the boxes on the side will make it much faster to identify where all of your stuff is.

You will also need to be prepared to pay for at least a full day for the moving team, as they not only have to pack the truck, drive it to another city and unpack but also get themselves back to Sydney. That said, your Blacktown removals team will do their best to help you to get to your new city and unpack when you arrive.

If you want to bring a lot of non-flatpack furniture and some of your whitegoods then you may have to book two trucks. For a family that has a lot of clothes and other stuff to bring you will also need a lot of boxes, which you should organise when you talk to your Blacktown removals coordinator.


Interstate Blacktown removals

When decide (or need) to make an interstate move then you will face a number of challenges that you won’t with a more local change. Firstly you will need to recognise that it can take more than a full day for your truck to get from Sydney to Melbourne or Brisbane, and even longer to go farther afield, so you will probably need to pay a premium for the service.

You will also probably need to leave a lot of your larger items, such as beds and refrigerators, behind. This is because space will be at a premium in the truck to bring your stuff to your new home, with your Blacktown removals team unable to commit to being able to make multiple trips. It is more efficient to use the space for clothes and smaller items, along with flatpack furniture.

Given the amount of time the move is likely to take you will probably need to spend at least a day and a night without the possessions that you send in the truck, due to legal limits on the amount of commercial driving that can be done at once. This could be still in the house your Blacktown removals team are unpacking or in your destination property.


Moving to an apartment


If you are moving from a house to an apartment then you will definitely need to get rid of some of your possessions along the way. This won’t just be limited to appliances and furniture, as you will have less storage space for clothes and electronics as well. However, your Blacktown removals team will be able to help you.