Work functions and events are notorious for being boring with little to no party décor being placed. If you are on the party planning committee or simply don’t want your next function or event to suck, we have the perfect solution for you. Printed balloons could be the answer that you have been searching for!

These decorations can act as so much more than something to fill a room. If done correctly your next event could have free advertising or even be the talk of the town. Here are some ways that printed balloons are perfect for your next work function or event.


Free advertising

As we mentioned before, when you use these types of decorations you could open yourself up to free advertising. How you may ask? Well opt to have your company logo printed on the balloons so that when people see them they think of your company. This is a very effective tool when you are hosting something like a barbeque or another event where you interact with the general public.

Another great thing about these products is that kids love them. Instead of just hogging them all to your stall you should be handing them out to children as they will be walking around all day with it. Imagine having hundreds of personal advertising gurus telling everyone around them about your company, this is essentially what will happen.

Additionally bright colours attract attention no matter what form it takes. Having bright colours associated with your logo or event stall will definitely catch the attention of any onlookers that you may encounter.


Photo opportunities

People tend to avoid the photo booths at work functions but if you create a printed balloon arch photo set up people are sure to use it. This prop is something extra for your workers to interact with and have a good time rather than sit in the corner and do nothing. Getting people up and about and excited to interact with one another will build some great personal relationships that is essential for a happy working environment.

On top of that you can also get your logo on the decorations again so that when people do take the photos your brand is associated with the good time. This can be easily conveyed to the general public as people will more than likely upload them to their social media accounts. When they tell their friends and their friends etc you once again get free advertisement through the power of word of mouth.


Fun décor settings

If you are struggling for décor ideas there is a plethora of settings you can make with printed balloons. If you are hosting a quiz night sort of deal, you can get team names printed on balloons to assign tables. This is a fun and out of the box way to arrange your seating plan while also not taking away from the atmosphere. At the end of the night they also make a great souvenir that people can take home and give to their kids.

If you are going for a classier look but don’t have a large budget, you can make an elegant printed balloon chandelier. To do this simply blow up some printed balloons with normal air and attach rope to the end. Do this with several elegant colours (silver, gold etc) and hang them from the ceiling. The decoration will resemble a chandelier at a fraction of the cost of a real one. Don’t let your budget restrict what you want to do with your event. Creativity is the key to making it a night to remember.