When serious illness breaks out during those winter months, it can be crippling to your labour productivity. Large organisations can be hit particularly hard, affecting over 25% of employees during winter. The alarming thing about influenza is that it can take almost 3 days for symptoms to manifest. What does this mean? Basically, it means that people can be carrying and spreading the highly contagious infection before they even begin to feel sick or ill. So how can you prevent the spread of such a contagious illness? One of the best methods is to organize Corporate Care flu vaccinations and ensure that all your employees are immune and healthy throughout the cold, winter months. Here are several great benefits!


Lower absenteeism

To maintain high levels of workplace productivity, you need to organize corporate flu vaccinations. You can’t afford to have several sick workers spreading the illness throughout your various departments. This is only going to precipitate higher levels of absenteeism, which will lead to excessive workloads for the remaining workers who are healthy and fit for work.


Better corporate culture

In addition, another benefit of organising corporate flu vaccinations for your employees is that it can help create a more positive and uplifting corporate culture. Think about it this way; your workers will likely view you as a more compassionate and understanding employer if they believe that their health is at the forefront of your business decisions, as opposed to efficiency and productivity gains. Furthermore, employees that are forced to take on more work or work longer hours to keep up with KPIs and benchmarks may become dissatisfied and pessimistic. This can cripple your workplace morale and undermine future productivity margins.


Improves business performance


Moreover, organising corporate flu vaccinations can be very beneficial regarding improving internal business performance. Indeed, ensuring that your employees are well and able to complete their job effectively and safely is crucial. Why? Well, imagine if your staff work in dangerous professions or must perform tasks that could be life-threatening if not performed correctly?

As a result, ensuring that your workers are well-medicated with preventative measures against sickness could lift their performance to another level. This means that you’ll likely see a decline in workplace-related injuries or accidents because a greater portion of your workers will be well and able. The common cold can inhibit an individual’s reaction time and ability to process information effectively and quickly, thereby stifling workplace productivity.


Strengthens herd immunity

Clearly, corporate flu vaccinations are incredibly important if you’re trying to protect your workforce during the contagious winter months. One of the primary advantages of organising workplace shots is that it can strengthen the herd immunity of your workforce and decrease the chances of the sickness spreading. This is very important if you want to nullify the spreading of the illness and minimise how many workers it may affect.

Not only that, corporate flu vaccinations can help strengthen the long-term herd immunity of your workers, ensuring that your staff remain happy and healthy well into the long-term. It’s now even more important given the projected rates of sickness in this coming year.


Quick and affordable

Finally, corporate flu vaccinations are a must-have for your business because they are very affordable and quick to administer. It saves your workers time and resources, otherwise they would usually have to organise their own shots in their own time, taking them away from work. Put simply, the entire process is a quick, efficient and seamless method of ensuring that your employees remain healthy and happy throughout the year. Don’t put your staff’s health below productivity gains and KPI demands – ensure that they can work at their best for longer with the right medical care and treatment.