New Zealand necklace bone

Need some jewellery to put a little flair to your collarbone? You can be confident you will look ravishing with our pendants adorned around your neck. Here are few bones to pick from our New Zealand necklace bone collection.

Bestsellers in our New Zealand necklace bone collection


This pendant is the symbol of Poseidon who was the god of the sea, horses, and earthquakes. Poseidon symbolized strength and power commonly seen riding a chariot of sea horses. Made of mammoth’s tusks that are over 34,000 years old, this New Zealand necklace bone is beautifully carved into perfection. This piece is for someone who is a fan of Greek mythology and is not afraid to dip into the ocean.


This item in our New Zealand necklace bone collection is denoted for rebirth, purity, and peace. The piece has a koru filigree signifying growing love. It is high in demand and just back in stock after being sold out by our customers. It is beautifully crafted in a way that will have people stop and ask you, “where did you get that?” You will feel immortal with this locket draped across your neck.


Need some jewellery that will have you coming out of your shell? The Honu pendant has the symbol of the turtle known among many different cultures to symbolize perseverance, durability and was known as the god of the sea in Japan. This New Zealand necklace bone is known in the South Pacific for peace, longevity, and fertility. These creatures are also known for their traveling capabilities being able to go long distances. If you are a fan of all things ocean, this New Zealand necklace bone is perfect for you.  

Dolphin Trilogy

This pendant represents the world’s smallest dolphin, Hector’s dolphin. This dolphin is found in the North Island of New Zealand and is becoming rarer with only 45 dolphins left in existence. Dolphins are the symbol of harmony, playfulness and are highly intelligent. If you love the ocean and live life with humour, this New Zealand necklace bone is for you.

A Leap of Faith

Tooth of Dragon New Zealand necklace bone

This dolphin tail pendant is one of our most popular of the Moana collection. This unique beauty is cut to suit an individual who is unique and not afraid to outshine the crowd. Take a leap of faith with this wonderfully arranged jewel perfect to adorn on your collarbone.

The Kiss

This is for lovers everywhere! Perfect for Valentine’s day coming up, The Kiss symbolizes love encouraging more physical affection for everyone. Want to show your beau how much you love them? This New Zealand necklace bone with its jade and mammoth tusk amalgamation is perfect for those who are romantic and not afraid to show it.


This pendant, the Cajole, has a beautiful shape that is sure to catch the eyes of everyone who beholds it. The double twist highlights partnership, friendship, and loyalty. The teardrop shape at the end symbolizes comfort and healing. Together, this makes a New Zealand necklace bone that will make you glow and stand out.

There are many options within our New Zealand necklace bone collection sure to catch your fancy. With the many different pendants and cords, you can be assured of a chain that will suit your style. The collection is tailored so that every unique individual that adorns the pendant feels like it was just made for them. These items from our New Zealand necklace bone collection are just to die for.