Man holding a bong from an online smoke shop

Lo and behold, you’ve found your way into the incredibly fun and versatile world of paraphernalia and community. Now all you need is an online smoke shop you can depend on for your new avenue of interest. While the world is well and truly catching up in an inspiring and warming manner, this brings with it a tide of new and improved online smoke shop options to choose from. There are some that sell paraphernalia, some that sell incense and accessories, some sell merchandise, cookbooks, pipes, and papers, if there’s a niche – you can bet your bottom dollar that there is an online smoke shop that caters to it.

With so many options to choose from, it can be overwhelming, to say the least. We’ve seen an online smoke shop or two being a little less truthful in their advertising, so much so that we decided to create this little guide to keep in the back of your mind and bookmarked on your phone, a little safety net for the newbies looking for an online smoke shop that they won’t live to regret giving money to.

Sit back, roll up, and relax – we have our exclusive guide for your next online smoke shop right here.

What Are You Searching For?

A very important thing to consider before even beginning the long journey down the rabbit hole of vendors to use. Knowing what you’re after is primary and essential for your search. As we mentioned before, every online smoke shop will typically have its particular strengths and specific caterings that they’re known for. Some are large enough to have a few specialties, which you’ll be able to determine pretty quickly thanks to a range of online forums that give us all a helping hand. So, our advice here, know what you’re looking for and tailor your search for it.

Is The Site Looking A Little Dodgy?

Yes, we’re all dazzled by the flashing lights and crazy-looking contraptions that can distract us when searching for an online smoke shop. These can be red flags from the outset, especially if the basic checks are not even being alleviated. This can be as simple as poor communicative copy on the page, or even more sinister manners of payment that aren’t secure or showing any signs of having security for their customers. We’ve seen too many websites without that padlock in the URL section of the screen, which in this day and age is certainly an online smoke shop to avoid at all costs.

Shipping & Receiving

A lot of countries have come around to the magic of an online smoke shop and its products. However, some areas of the world simply don’t ship out to your home, which is a harsh realization we’ve made before. Therefore, it’s always wise when looking at different retailers to ensure that your particular area is going to be covered and it’s not going to cost an arm and a leg to do so. 

A Reputation That Is Hard To Fake

We finally get to the crux of our guide which is reputation. There’s a lot of ways to double-check if a retailer or vendor is going to be a good fit for you, a good reputation is incredibly important as a determining factor. Having a look online and getting a decent enough gauge on whether this online smoke shop is all sizzle and no steak will save you mountains of headaches later on in the game. This can be as simple as looking at google reviews and asking around within your group of similarly minded friends. A good reputation goes a long way.