Things to know before buying teak furniture

Teak trees are renowned for their high resistance to harsh weather, luxury, class, and less maintenance needs, making them ideal for indoor and outdoor furniture. Interestingly, this wood is also used in making luxury boats, especially in making decking and interiors.

It’s not no longer news that teak furniture are gorgeous, and they are a means of showcasing your taste and sense of luxury. In addition to all of that, they are also great investments because of their high quality and durability — no doubt these pieces are the ideal choice for giving your home a chic look.

However, because of the variety of options out there, people tend to find it hard to decide on what style is best for them. Because teak furniture are naturally resistant to harsh weather elements and requires no treatment, they are mostly used to adorn patios or porch or any outdoor space.

Things to know before buying teak  furniture

Teak furniture
  • The wood has high oil content

Unless you haven’t had outdoor items before now, you would know that weather is one of the major concerns that outdoor furniture owners have in common. Most outdoor furniture look stunning and new when they are new; however, as time goes by and they are exposed to the sun, they start to age and lose their beauty.

Thankfully, that is not the case with teak furniture. Regardless of what is thrown at these items — both indoor and outdoor, they always come out without a “dent” on their looks. As we mentioned earlier, they can withstand harsh weather conditions like snow, rain, and harsh sunlight. In technical terms, we say they are weather resistant. How is that?

Like virtually every other type of wood, teak also has natural oils to protect it against the weather. However, where other trees lose these natural oils when they are chopped and processed, this wood retains its oils and resins.

Beyond offering protection against harsh weather conditions, the oils also serve as pests (like bugs) repellents.

  • The wood is easy to clean

Buying furniture is one thing and maintaining them is another. One of the benefits of buying teak furniture is that they don’t require much maintenance. You don’t have too much to keep them clean. With your mild soap and water solution handy, you are set to remove dust, dirt, and stains on your teak furniture.

If you are dealing with tough stains like grease stains, you can get any effective cleaner out there to gently remove the stains and leave your items looking all clean and new.

  • Craftsmanship and design

While you are scouting for teak furniture for your home, you should have it at the back of your mind that these pieces come in different grades, and they vary in cost, look and appearance, and of course, the craftsmanship that went into making them.

There are Grade A, Grade B, and Grade C teak furniture. Grade A is the highest class and has the best quality. They are gotten from the center of fully grown trees — which means they have ample natural oils that give them a unique glossy appearance.

Grade B is gotten from the outer heartwood part of the trees. Unlike their Grade A counterpart, they are lighter and usually doesn’t have much glossy appearance. Last but not least, Grade C teak furniture are made with wood from the outer part of the trees. As you can imagine, they are more affordable compared to their grade A and Grade B counterparts. They also require a bit more maintenance too.

Other things you should know before  choosing teak furniture include;

  • They change color over time from a warm honey tone to a beautiful silvery gray patina
  • You can preserve their color using oils or sealer

They can last up to 30 years and still retain their looks — making them great investments, and you can pass them on to your kids.