curtains in Adelaide

Buying curtain in Adelaide can be a great way to change up the look of your house, or to decorate a new one but it can be overwhelming try to choose. There are just simply so many different fabric options out, as well as colours, lengths, and linings to choose from. You may also face the challenge of deciding whether or not you should get custom-made or off the shelf curtains in Adelaide. If you’re not sure about the right option for you then might we suggest reading on below.

Think about colour and fabric

If you’re looking to buy new curtains in Adelaide then we suggest that a great place to start is with what fabric and colours will most suit your space. You should think carefully about the fabric of your curtains in Adelaide. The sun can be harsh in Australia, so you’ll want to look for something high quality and durable. You’ll want to find window coverings that are capable of standing the test of time and holding up to UV rays. You should also think about what kind of drape you want to get from your curtains in Adelaide. Do you want them to feel light and sheer or heavier? Go too heavy and you’ll end up with window coverings that don’t fold in the way that want them to. If you go to light then they might not hold up as well as they should.

If you’re not sure what kind of fabric you want to get then we suggest holding the fabric up to the light in a window, this will give you an idea of how light filters through it and how it will drape. Pleat the fabric tow see if it falls well, if it sticks out you will probably find that it gives you trouble. If you go shopping for curtain in Adelaide inside showrooms then ask for samples to check against the windows. When picking out fabric colours you should also think about the room you plan to decorate. Some colours will fade more quickly in the sun. If you have a room that gets a lot of sun then we would suggest looking for neutral colours.

When it comes to choosing curtains in Adelaide you will no doubt come across linen, silk, velvet and faux silk the most on showrooms floors. Certain fabrics are better for colder environments, like suede, velvet and tweed whilst others a better for warmer weather, like silk.

Consider length

Bedroom with curtains in Adelaide

Before you choose your curtains in Adelaide, we suggest measuring up your windows to find the ideal length that you would like your window treatments to be. Think about what look you are trying to achieve. Panels that sit up above the windows will give your home a feeling of space and height whilst drapes that are measured from the top of the window to the floor will feel streamlined. For a dramatic look then you may want to consider going for curtains in Adelaide that are cut longer than the length of your window so that they pool on the floor.

Off the shelf or custom

One of the other things that you may want to consider is whether or not you want to go for an off-the-shelf solution that is ready to install straight away or a custom option that is cut to your specific specs. Off the shelf options will be cheaper than custom options and ready to go straight away but it may mean you get less control over the fabric, colour, shape or size.