For people with a disability, jobs range from graphic design to fork-lift driving! There are a range of paid work options that people with a mental or physical impairment can choose from – the list is nearly endless.

For people with a physical impairment, these disability jobs may be suitable:


Career counselling

Vocational counselling involves helping people make career choices. Career development changes across the span of a person’s life, and a counsellor can help people develop the knowledge and skills needed to make decisions across their life. Tasks a career counsellor is responsible for include:

  • Facilitating individual and/or group counselling sessions
  • Mediation for conflict resolution
  • Discussing and working on client’s goals
  • Providing suitable information and/or resources to clients
  • Liaising with and/or referring clients to other healthcare professionals

Vocational counselling is a great opportunity to use your experiences and wisdom to help others, including those with a mental or physical impairment who you could assist with finding disability jobs.


Medical records administrator

This involves doing administration tasks such as record maintenance, data entry and billing in a health care setting. You may require specialised knowledge, including clinical coding and medical terminology, in order to perform this job. Skills required for the job include:

This work typically doesn’t involve too much moving around, so it’s suitable for people in a wheelchair or who have trouble walking.


Writer or blogger

woman typing in her laptop

Becoming a writer or blogger can be a fun and rewarding career. There are many avenues you can take towards paid work, such as becoming a copywriter for a marketing agency or becoming a freelance blogger. Writing may give you the freedom to share your experiences (such as finding disability jobs!) with the world at large. Tasks may include:

  • Writing and editing text
  • Proofreading
  • Marketing and distributing content
  • Researching content
  • Networking with clients
  • General administration tasks
  • Developing contracts

This kind of work may also allow you to work from home, which may suit some people with a physical impairment.

For people with a mental impairment, these jobs may be suitable:


Culinary artist


Working as a cook, baker or chef can be a great career option for those who want to express their creativity in a team setting and a routine environment. Some of the tasks you may be required to do include:

  • Cleaning food preparation areas
  • Preparing food
  • Assisting other cooks
  • Communicating with other staff

Keep in mind that working in a restaurant has the potential to be high-pressure and stressful. It’s important to find disability jobs that suit your personality.


Computer programmer

Computer programming may suit people with conditions like Autism or Asperger syndrome, where their natural ability for focused and smart problem solving in an independent environment can thrive. Some of the tasks you may have to perform include:

  • Writing programs in a range of computer languages, such as Java
  • Debugging programs through error testing and fixing
  • Building computer-assisted software engineering tools
  • Updating existing programs.

There are a range of work options for computer programmers, from mobile app development to systems software development.


Truck driver

A truck driving role may suit people who enjoy working independently – it gives you the freedom of the open road and the ability to listen to your own music (or podcasts) all day! Some of the tasks a truck driver may perform include:

  • Loading and unloading cargo
  • Driving long distances to deliver goods
  • Recording deliveries
  • Refuelling and cleaning truck
  • Following traffic rules


There are so many options for people looking for disability jobs – the sky’s the limit!