Owning your own house is a dream for many people and it often takes years of saving and planning before you get to that point. So when you are ready, everything has to be perfect. This is why many people choose to hire a home builder in Perth; it allows them to create the house of their dreams and have it specifically designed for them. Although this is an exciting process, the professional you hire can be the difference between a house you love, and a house that you hate. This is why you shouldn’t entrust this task to just anyone. There are many things you need to consider before signing on the dotted line. So here are some top tips for finding a home builder in Perth.


Tip 1: Price

The first thing you need to be sure on when it comes to finding a home builder in Perth is the price. It is quite common for developers to lure in customers by offering low, face-value costs that then lead to larger ‘hidden extras’ after the contracts have been signed. So to ensure that you don’t fall into this trap, be very clear when asking about the full, final price, that includes all aspects of the build. This will prevent you from the horror of any added costs. It is important to remember site costs, land registration costs, as well as tender and legal fees. Before signing any contracts, it is essential to get a full list of all the costs you may face throughout the construction process.


Tip 2: Quality

In any industry, there are businesses and individuals who provide a better quality service or product than the competition, this is no different when it comes to home builders in Perth. Unfortunately, you may come across certain companies that deliberately cut corners to reduce the price. This can easily be done by using lower quality materials. Although this may not seem like a major problem, down the line you will regret your decision if you skimp on the quality. Structures made from high quality products are more durable and robust, and will generally face less problems in the long run. Although you may feel as though you are saving money, it will actually end up costing you more in years to come. So it is highly recommended that you choose a company or contractor that focuses on quality.


Tip 3: Reputation

In many industry’s reputation is incredibly important, this is no different when it comes to home builders in Perth. After all, you are trusting them to construct the place you will be living in. Many people are afraid to ask contractors for references, but this is a big mistake. Anyone who is confident that their clients were happy with the finished building will be fine with you asking for references from them. A house is probably the biggest purchase you will ever make, so don’t waste your money on someone who has a bad reputation


Tip 4: Licensing

In order to be a home builder in Perth, you need to hold certain licenses and qualifications, without this, the operation is illegal. It is essential that you hire someone who is fully licensed and who has the correct insurance. This will ensure that your new place of residence will be constructed to meet the appropriate standards of quality and will also protect you in case of any problems during or after the construction process. It is possible to check the qualifications and licence of specific contractors online, so you are sure of their eligibility to work on the project.


Tip 5: Flexibility

Flexibility is important during the entire process as it should be a collaborative process between contractor and buyer. Due to this, you should look for someone who is open to your ideas and changing things such as the layout or the design. Although you do want to take advice from the professional, it is also important for you to be happy with the finished result and feel as though it captures your individual style and taste.


Tip 6: Availability

It is no secret that home building in Perth is a long process. It could take anywhere up to six months just for pre-construction to take place. The time it takes to build your home can vary greatly depending on a number of factors, so anything you can do to speed up the process is always a bonus. When looking for a professional to create your dream residence, make sure you are aware of how long you would have to wait before they have the time to undergo your project. Some companies can only handle a limited amount of jobs at one time, so make sure you are aware of any potential wait times before signing any contracts.