Sydney family law solicitor helping a couple finalize their divorce

Sydney family law is a broad term that covers many aspects.

Sydney family law can be broken down into three different topics: divorce, mediation and court cases. Divorce is when two people decide to separate after being married for some time. Mediators are professionals who help couples work out their disputes in Sydney without going to court. Court cases are where the arguments of each individual party are presented to a judge or jury, who then decides the outcome of the case based on evidence from both parties as well as legal precedents set by previous decisions by courts across Australia. Sydney family law solicitors are advocates for their clients and work to make sure that they get the best possible outcome in their case. The court is where all of the Sydney family law happens, but it can be difficult for someone unfamiliar with the court system to understand how it works, and this is where the solicitors come into play. They have a good understanding of the legal system and can be used to help navigate through the often complex processes involved in these types of situations.

Divorce and asset settlement

As you’ve probably heard by now, divorce is a very common scenario these days which plays out every single year for over 48% of married couples! Divorce can be a highly emotionally charged situation, and as such, it makes sense to hire professionals from Sydney family law to help guide you through the process. The process of divorce can be long and arduous and involve the navigation of the legal system. There is also asset settlement involved, meaning that the two parties must split their assets evenly. This can obviously lead to major arguments, and solicitors must work diligently to find the best possible solution for the two parties involved.


Sydney family law professionals must be skilled mediators in order to do their job well. Mediation is defined as being a third party who can offer an outside perspective on an argument in which two parties are involved and can offer solutions which work well for both. Sydney family law professionals will have experienced these types of situations a million times before and will be able to guide you on the best possible outcomes. With their significant experience, they know how to handle emotionally charged situations and can provide neutral advice in a calm manner, but still empathize with you and understand where you’re coming from.

Going to court

Sydney family law professionals will be able to represent you in a court of law if need be. Going to court is often considered an expensive and lengthy process and should be avoided at all costs. If the issue can be solved through mediation, then this should always be pursued. However, sometimes the issue cannot be resolved and must be settled in a court of law. It is good to have Sydney family law professionals representing you so they can guide you through the legal system and its processes in order to bring the best possible outcome for you.

Overall, Sydney family law encompasses a number of different aspects. These would include divorce and subsequently asset settlement, as these things go hand in hand most times, and there are often disputes in these situations. Sydney family law professionals will also be able to act as mediators in emotionally charged situations, and can represent people in a court of law. Having these professionals on your side will help to get the best possible outcome for you in any situation involved in this field of the legal system.