Two women starting their marketing internships

Those young professionals who want to navigate their way to a successful career in marketing might feel pressured to balance two disciplines at once.

While an education is the bedrock of their development, it will be the initial jump into marketing internships that gives participants a taste for what is to come.

These programs are extended by firms big and small, working within the public and private sectors.

In order to maximise opportunity, it is beneficial to look at the benefits of continuing an education while applying for positions in the short-term.

Helps to Navigate Marketing Department Targets

One of the key reasons why marketing internships work so well alongside an education is that it directs participants to an area of the profession that best suits their skills. It might be project development, it could be digital and social media, analytics, coordination, management, promotions or elsewhere. It is a chance to understand where practitioners could best fit into an organisation and whether or not they have a passion to begin their own venture.

Builds Relationships With Professionals

There is no substitute for working in close proximity with professionals, especially for men, women, boys and girls who take part in marketing internships for the first time. How did they end up in that position? What were the obstacles? What were the opportunities? Even if a role is not offered, this is a great way to lean on expertise and have doors opened at later stages once those connections are formed.

Puts Marketing Theory into Practice

Working through a university program or a high school textbook will offer some insights into the roles that are operating in the public and private space, but marketing internships will put that knowledge to the test. Can individuals meet deadlines? Can they handle the pressure of a workplace environment? How does their understanding of analytics and demographics apply to a unique promotional campaign? Many of these questions will be addressed during the days and weeks of the placement opportunity.

Perfect Space to Make Mistakes

Making mistakes? Surely not! The fact remains that everyone is guilty and it happens all of the time. The key to making them is during marketing internships when the stakes are low and there is enough time to learn from them and rectify them for future reference. Errors on reports and university assessments are not as well received, so this is a good environment to understand some key lessons and build that intellectual property (IP) for future reference.

Provides Room for Continued Education

Students at high school and university who partake in these marketing programs do not have to drop everything when they apply for these opportunities. They still need to complete their assessments and work towards their certificate. These internships are designed for approximately 2 weeks with some room for shorter or longer placements, so they do not have to extend themselves during chaotic education periods.

Strengthens Resume Prospects

Prospective employers will never be short for applicants when it comes to working for their enterprise. Amid all of the names that are put forward during these occasions, it will be those who have demonstrated work ethic and diligence through marketing internships who become the leading candidates. Owners and managers want to hire people with real world experience and if the only accolades that are achieved happen to be inside a classroom environment, that could be detrimental to their prospects of having a full-time role offered.

Balancing marketing internships with an education is no easy task. However, this is an opportunity that presents itself for candidates who have the drive and willingness to improve their skills and build connections with firms who will deliver roles to the right people.