Why you need air conditioning in the Eastern suburbs

It’s hard to imagine life without air conditioning in the Eastern suburbs. Even if you don’t have one at home, you’re probably used to seeing them around your office or at school or even in your local shopping centre. Air conditioning in the Eastern suburbs is everywhere, because it can get so hot here in summer.

If you’ve got it at home then may have an AC unit that is visible on the wall or window, or buried in the ceiling as a “ducted evaporative or reverse cycle aircon”. Many of us intrinsically understand the main benefit of air conditioning in the Eastern suburbs, it keeps us cool, but we seldom pause to think about what the other benefits of air conditioning in the Eastern suburbs might be.

Some of the more common ones include keeping the house cool in the hot summer months or warming it up when it’s cold outside in winter, with reverse cycle but there’s other reasons why they’re great too, including: improved health and well-being in the home and workplace, reduced incidence of illness and disease, and much more.

Read on below for some of the best perks of air conditioning in the Eastern suburbs.

Preventing heat stroke (and other illnesses)

Your AC could save your life, pretty compelling argument for owning one, isn’t it?

The heat in Australia can be life threatening. In fact, every year many people die from preventable heat-related illnesses in this country. The most vulnerable people include sick, elderly, and children.

When the body is exposed to excessive heat for an extended period of time, it might suffer from heat cramps and heat exhaustion. Heatstroke may be deadly if left untreated. The absence of an AC has been identified by leading health experts as a risk factor for this lethal disease.

In the case of heat exhaustion, an AC unit may be used to assist alleviate the symptoms and avoid heatstroke and other heat-related disorders.


Air conditioning Eastern suburbs

When an infant under the age of one year suddenly and mysteriously dies, it’s known as Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Air conditioning may help prevent SIDS by reducing two major risk factors: excessive heat and a low ambient temperature.

SIDS is described as unexplained since the cause is assumed to be complicated, diverse, and unable to be linked to a single source. In the past, the term “crib death” was used to refer to a person’s death while they were sleeping. All parents can do to avoid the worst-case scenario is handle the dangers that have been recognised. SIDS is thought to be exacerbated by a number of risk factors, one of which is thermal stress.

An air condition in the Eastern suburbs may assist reduce thermal stress, especially in a baby’s bedroom. Most parents would agree that safeguarding their kid is the most essential thing you can do for them.

Management of long-term conditions

People with long-term medical issues are especially vulnerable to the dangers of extreme heat. Thus, it is clear that air conditioning is an essential tool in the fight against chronic illness.

Heat-related sickness might be exacerbated by some chronic medical problems. To make matters worse, extremes in temperature and humidity may exacerbate the condition. Cardiovascular disease (CVD), multiple sclerosis (MS), diabetes, obesity and hypertension are all examples of this. If you have a medical condition, you may take medicine that makes the effects of heat on your body even worse. As a last point, persons with certain long-term health conditions are less sensitive to temperature fluctuations.

Preventing chronic conditions from developing

Using an air conditioner in the Eastern suburbs may not only aid in the management of chronic illness, but can also assist prevent it from occurring altogether. A good HVAC system can prevent sick building syndrome.