If you are a Western Australian looking to renovate or build a home from scratch, you may be considering getting an aluminium balustrade in Perth. This is a form of railing which is a row of columns (or “spindles”) topped with a rail. It may be used indoors or outdoors to prevent people from falling from higher floors, to decorate stairwells or as an attractive form of fencing for a property. They have been used for thousands of years and are believed to have originated between the 13th and 7th centuries BCE.


Here are the answers to 5 common questions about getting an aluminium balustrade in Perth:

Why use them?

They are an attractive way to improve the safety of your home. Whether you are looking to put up a fence around your property or pool, or to make a stairwell or terrace safer, getting an aluminium balustrade in Perth is an ideal solution. They look elegant and stylish and can improve the perceived quality of your property. They also come in a range of different styles and can be customized to your liking!


Why not use wood or stone?

Materials such as wood and stone have a certain level of charm to them, however they also come with drawbacks. Wood can be highly flammable and as such may not be suitable for certain properties, especially ones in areas with high fire risks. Despite its appealing Roman look, stone poses the risk of cracking and breaking.

Getting an aluminium balustrade in Perth is a safer and longer-lasting alternative to using materials like wood or stone. The metallic element is the second most used metal after iron. Here are some of its benefits:

  • It is strong and durable yet cost-effective
  • It lasts longer than wood or steel
  • It needs little maintenance such as painting or polishing
  • It is fast and easy to produce, construct and dismantle
  • It is resistant to corrosion, which makes it great for outdoor use


What are the different options?

When buying an aluminium balustrade in Perth, you have several options. One option is to get an external one, which may be powder coated to add an extra protective layer that may be beneficial against the elements. Another option is to get an indoor one, which will be suitable for use on stairwells and on higher floors. You can also choose from a range of different colours and styles; black and white are the most commonly used choices.


How much does it cost?

Purchasing an aluminium balustrade in Perth is a cost-effective option for doing up your home. Unlike other materials, which may cost around $1000 per linear metre, this option can be bought for as little as $250 per linear metre. This makes it a great choice for people on a budget or simply for those who are thrifty.



How do you find a good service provider?

Finding the right person to install an aluminium balustrade in Perth is important. Here are some of the ways that you can source a quality provider:


Find someone local

The first step is to find a business that operates locally to where your property is. This ensures that you avoid costs associated with the provider having to travel long distances. It also means that you can go in and have a look at the business’ operations for yourself.


Find a reputable business

It is important to find a business you can trust. You want to find an aluminium balustrade Perth provider that is friendly, helpful and approachable – someone that you can recommend to family and friends. Ensure that the company you choose has a high level of experience and training; you may want to have a look at photos of installations they have previously done, as well as any qualifications they have.

Family and friend recommendations can offer a great source of insight into the quality of a business, so use them if you can. Alternatively, you can use the internet to look up company reviews (make sure you check they’re legitimate) and read information off forums. Sources such as the Yellow Pages and other forms of advertising may also be useful, as are trade shows and representatives.


Choose a business with fair, transparent pricing

Ensure that you don’t get ripped off by selecting a business that has an upfront pricing system. Avoid companies with hidden fees. They may list their pricing on their website – if they don’t, give them a call for a quote.



Getting an aluminium balustrade in Perth can be a positive and pleasant experience assuming you take care and time in selecting the right option for you. Follow this advice to ensure that you receive the best outcome possible and are satisfied with the results.